RADIOLOGY: Our radiologists are available around the clock to review studies, they are well-trained staffs that deliver efficient compassionate care, and totally dedicated to the safety and comfort of our patients as they undergo diagnostic radiology services. We offer a broad array of inpatient and outpatient radiology services:

  • 1.5T MRI: Our 1.5T MRI machine have the ability to carry out whole body, spine and Angiography, Myelography, Peripheral Angio, Cardiac, Breast MRI and much more.
  • 64 SLICE CT SCAN: We have 64 slice revolution evo CT scan machine for all CT scan investigations including cardiac, Angiography, Myelography and much more.
  • DIGITAL FLUOROSCOPY: For dynamic radiological examinations such as HSG, IVU, Barium studies, RUG MCUG etc.
  • DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY: We have digital mammography with senoiris for diagnostic and screening mammograms.
  • 4D ULTRASOUND: Our 4D Ultrasound is with the unique features of real time images of various examinations such as Obstetric Scan, for sex determination, visualizing the facial expression of the Fetus and Invitro.
  • DIGITAL X-RAY: We have optima XR646 ceiling mounted digital X-ray for a wide range of X-ray investigations.

24-HOURS AUTOMATED LABORATORY SERVICES: In Benin Medical Care, our laboratory is fully automated, comprising of Haematology, Chemical Pathology, Microbiology and Histopathology. Due to our automation we have an impeccable turnaround time e.g M/C/S results is released within 24-32hours opposing the normal routine of 72hours and we also have a good quality laboratory management system. Some of our top-range laboratory equipment are:

  • ARCHITECT I1000SR ABBOTT: Architect I1000SR is our analyzer machine which produces immunoassay and clinical chemistry results for drug abuse, cardiac disease, cancer, endocrinology, fertility, and infectious diseases and other conditions as well as monitoring drugs used in transplants patients.
  • VITECK 2 COMPACT: A viteck 2 compact for microbial identification and anti-microbial susceptibility testing